Welcome to My ClickBank Shop

I set up this shop to enable customers to buy directly from ClickBank, simply by clicking on a link under each product. There are three groups of products: Featured, Trending and Top Rated.

A list of categories is on the left of each page, with a search box at the top. The same list is on all three pages, so you can find a product from any page.

ClickBank is really set up for vendors and affiliates who will promote their products. For a retail buyer, it can be extremely hard to find products on their site. So this site solves that problem by using a third-party service to import all the items into my site.

The feed is constantly updated, so you will not find any dead links. Being able to see a short description and an image of the product, as well as the price, makes browsing the catalog a breeze. When you click on a product link, it opens in a new tab, so you never leave this site.

You will then be taken to the vendor’s sales page at ClickBank, where you can learn exactly what the product is and if it can help you. If not, simply close that tab and browse for another product. The experience is seamless and you never get lost.

When you buy a product, you do so through the vendor, not me. But I will get a commission for the sale, which is how my site earns me money. Regardless of how you buy a product through ClickBank, someone always gets a commission, so it’s not anything peculiar to just my site.

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